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How - Com&Co

How we grow your business

Strategic analysis

In order to create original and interesting content, we are committed to thoroughly studying the needs and behaviors of your customers: who they are, how many they are, where they come from, what they like, what they share.

We identify your company’s positioning in its target market.

Based on ouranalysis, we formulate marketing and communication goals and define the corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Operational activity

Based on goals and KPIs, we develop a targeted communication plan that will allow us to solve your problems, achieve your goals and… Why not? to see your dreams come true.

The communication plan is based on a new concept of integrated communications that identifies the tools (often digital but also traditional) best suited to bring you closer to your customers and convince them.

It involves activating a digital communication platform, such as a new site or renewing an existing site, and creating original content to be disseminated with a suitable frequency.


Once the content is created, it is essential to renew it continuously and keep the communication activityconstant, both to retain existing customers and to acquire new ones.

To meet this need, we provide you with update services in the form of monthly subscriptions, provided according to the plan that best suits your needs and the purchasing behavior of your customers.

Custom solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, Com&Co offers you customized solutions that meet your customers’ needs and gives you a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors.

From our available “toolbox” we always choose the tools that are right for you.

For example, depending on your business needs, the content we can bring is not only texts and photos but also videos, graphics and animations. We can also suggest which media leans best in the dissemination of your content: from website to blog, from social networks to newsletters

As for updating content, we can establish together how often to publish articles, posts, images, videos etc…
We study together the best subscription plan that is tailored to your company


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