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Why is Com&Co the ideal Partner for your Competitiveness on the web? - Com&Co

Why is Com&Co the ideal Partner for your Competitiveness on the web?

Have you ever heard of Jay Pharoah or Karlie Kloss? Maybe not yet, but you most probably have seen them on the web advertising campaign for wix you hardly can escape from. This omnipresent commercial tells us a lot on how the web is being changing: indeed, not only can anyone occupy a space there thanks to social media but now anyone can also create its own website. This is easy, and this is possible in a few minutes, with very limited technical knowledge, by selecting a nice template and for a small fee. Besides the impact this has on the growth of companies like the Tel-Aviv based group (+40% this year) and its Competitors like Weebly, SquareSpace & Jimdo, this also contributes to the dramatic increase in the number of websites: the latter has doubled between 2016 (900 million) and 2017 (1,8 bilion)[i]. While it is absolutely easy to be present on the web, one should also know that less than 0.1% of all sites account for 50% of the traffic so that it is far more difficult to be actually visited than to be present. Considering that it is also becoming more and more complex to make your value understood, to be liked, followed and shared one might imagine how hard converting your target audience has become. Indeed, the web is probably the most competitive place on earth nowadays and there are several ways to deal with that:

Stay out and stick to the traditional communication tools, accepting the risk of not being considered ·      

Deal with advertising companies like google or facebook to buy eyeballs from your target audience ·      

Offer high quality content to your target audience: useful, reliable, easy to understand and continuously updated content, then let it know and let them share! And let’s focus on this third option: there is nothing new about the power of content. Just remember that Bill Gates made its famous “Content is King” statement more than 20 years ago… what is new is that the web tsunami of the last years has brought and is bringing huge quantities of content, not always quality content, in front of our eyeballs. So, to be and stay effective content has to be and stay really good! As we carefully watch the ad we talked about in the introduction, we notice it says that what you have to do is as easy as: “change the text to make it yours…” “show what you do by adding your own images…” “add your own videos to bring your site to life…” Indeed, you can easily drag and drop text, pictures, videos or any other content… but first you must have them! It is exactly the same thing if you work with a web agency, which does a great job in terms of graphics and webdesign: sooner or later they will ask you to send them your content to replace the “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” they’ve used to fill the boxes. Are you sure you have this content? and are you sure that you’ll continue to have new content every week? As you may have understood, producing effective content is not as easy as creating new – empty – “web boxes”: this is a job, a true marketing and communication job, an exciting but extremely demanding job, a multidiscliplinary and ever-changing job. I have founded Com&Co, organized as a core group of strongly committed professionals surrounded with an extending network of specialists, to do this job for you in the best possible way. Com&Co has been envisioned to meet a fast growing need: Fill “web boxes” with quality content and continuously Feed them with new – updated – materials. We strongly believe that this Fill and Feed approach is key to a successful web communication. And the way we make this available to our Customers is through 2 categories of products & 2 consecutive steps :

1.     Creation or renovation of website and social media – filled with brand new content and reorganized for a perfect inter-connection ; we do this for a one-time flat rate and deliver in 5 weeks.

2.     Continuous production and publishing of new content to feed the newly open communication channels (blogs, social media, e-mailing, app) ; this is done for a recurring flat rate on a monthly basis.

In order to maximize quality and to minimize costs, Com&Co has been organized as a Content Factory and developed proprietary processes, which guarantee short delivery times and offer very attractive flat rate subscription plans. Partnering with Com&Co is just like having your own webmarketing and communication internal resource but for as low as one tenth of its cost. Competing on the web is today’s challenge, doing it with Com&Co is one of the smartest opportunities you may find. And this time it is real: what you have to do is just to go for it ! We’ll do the rest for you.

Jérôme Puginier